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Ghetaldus Zagreb King Cita III

For introduction to Ghetaldus Zagreb cameras, see Ghetaldus Zagreb King Cameras page.

The most advanced and feature cramped Ghetaldus camera is the Cita III. The common Regula III family body is
 fitted with an F/2.8 Ghettar lens, a Prontor-SVS shutter with slow speeds down to 1 second, a coupled rangefinder and an uncoupled Gossen light meter. The shutter and aperture settings are coupled to somehow behave like aperture priority mode, keeping the light value setting fixed while changing aperture and shutter speed.
  • Rangefinder camera
  • Ghetaldus Zagreb Ghettar lens F/2.8 45 mm
    • 4 elements 3 groups (TBC)
    • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Prontor_SVS shutter
    • 1/300 to 1 s + B
    • Self timer
    • X and M flash synchronization
  • Gossen light meter
Cita III, variant GCIII100
On the focusing rim there are plastic ears that seems to aid grip while focusing. However, some Citas are without the ears and have only recession in the spots where the ears should be fitted. So far I didn’t recognize any pattern among serial numbers. Maybe the ears had tendency to fall off, however, I haven’t seen specimen so far with only one ear. Thus I decided the plastic ears won’t be used in variants classification at this point. However, that doesn't help much with classification since there seem to be no evident rule for the known variants.


Two concentric lens nameplates: the outer ring with “Optička industrija "GHETALDUS" –Zagreb-” and the inner ring with “-Ghetaldus- GHETTAR 1:2,8 / 45” engraving.  A metal aperture couple knob. The Gossen light meter with rectangular hole on the bottom side of the cover, low profile cover hinges. Even spaced stripes on the rewind knob (the same style rewind knob as on the Regula IIb).


Same as GCIII100, but with plastic aperture couple knob, higher profile Gossen light meter cover hinges, no hole on the bottom light meter cover part, uneven spacing on the film rewind knob. Finer teeth on the film counter dial, slightly different film advance lever handle knob (different inner circle diameter).

Comparison between GCIII100 and GCIII200 variants.

Cita III Ghetaldus Serial Numbers

In the table below there are all serial numbers known to me. In case there is a "*" symbol besides the Variant, the variant is an educated guess due to a lack of data.

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