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Ghetaldus Zagreb King Regula IIIa

For introduction to Ghetaldus Zagreb cameras, see Ghetaldus Zagreb King Cameras page.

The only functional difference compared to Regula IIb is the film speed memo on the rewind knob. Thus it is even more interesting that both models were produced simultaneously and I would really like to know what the original price difference of the mentioned models was. Other than that, the Regula IIIa looks a bit neater due to the black King logo and black paint filled stripes on the front plate.
  • Simple viewfinder camera
  • Ghetaldus Zagreb Ghenar F/3.5 45 mm lens
    • 3 elements in 3 groups
    • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Pronto shutter
    • 1/200, 1/100, 1/50, 1/25 + B
    • Self timer
    • Flash synchronization 
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 490 g
    • 130 ×70 × 85 mm

Regula IIIa, variant RIIIa150.


“Ghetaldus-Zagreb GHENAR 1:3,5 f=4,5cm AR“ engraving on the lens name plate, conical shape of the lens focusing part. A diamond shaped indicator of selected distance and shutter speed, the “20” m distance engraved on the lens. The film speed reminder on the rewind knob. Strap lugs. With body serial number and an engraved exposure counter. Sample needed.


Same as GRIIIa050, but with printed exposure counter and without body serial number. Sample needed.


Same as GRIIIa100, but without strap lugs.


“Ghetaldus-Zagreb GHENAR 1:3,5/45“ engraving on the lens name plate. The focusing part is barrel shaped, still with the “20” m distance engraving. Two triangles indicating selected shutter speed and distance respectively. The red dot on the shutter speed rim located on a flattened surface (previous version has recession between two teeth painted red). Slightly different button on the film advance handle. No strap lugs. Sample needed.


Same as GRIIIa200, but without the “20” m distance engraving.


Same as GRIIIa250, but Roman characters on the camera name plate further apart.

Comparison between GRIIIa150 and GRIIIa300 variant.

Regula IIIa Ghetaldus Serial Numbers

In the table below there are all serial numbers known to me. In case there is a "*" symbol besides the Variant, the variant is an educated guess due to a lack of data.

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