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Ghetaldus Zagreb King Regula L

For introduction to Ghetaldus Zagreb cameras, see Ghetaldus Zagreb King Cameras page.

Based on specifications and considering only Ghetaldus King cameras, the Regula L seems to be an updated and upgraded Regula IIIa. The lens is still a triplet Ghenar, however, it's 2/3 of the F stop faster with a maximum aperture of F/2.8. The viewfinder has bright frame with a parallax correction mark and is bigger, which looks nice but has a downside in form of a significantly darker view. The shutter moved from the top plate to the lens barrel. The film reminder is still located on the film rewind knob while an exposure counter was moved to the bottom plate of the camera. Film advance and shutter cocking is performed by a lever hidden to the camera body.
Regula L (GRL100 variant) looks somehow more modern with it's clean top and shaped lens plate.
There exists another version of the Regula L with a Prontor-SVS shutter adding the slow speeds up to 1 s, which is significant improvement that would normally cause a model name change - but evidently not in Regula L's case.
  • Viewfinder camera
    • Bright fixed frame in the viewfinder
  • Ghetaldus Zagreb Ghenar lens F/2.8 45 mm
    • 3 elements 3 group
    • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Pronto shutter
    • 1/250 to 1/30 s + B
    • Self timer
    • Flash synchronization
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 478 g
    • 125 × 65 × 85 mm
I found Regulas L in a Ghetaldus leather case, but with a Cassar 1:2.8/45mm Steinheil München lens. At first I thought it is a coincidence and someone just replaced the ever ready case, however, I spotted several such specimens on the local internet selling sites. The L series cases are also different compared to the III series, since a hole for the exposure counter is made on the bottom side and "Regula L" is embossed on the upper part. The ones that had lens caps, had Ghetaldus ones. These Regulas L have the older style of the Regula's L body which was made mostly out of metal. One distinguishable feature is less leatherette like surface and more shiny metal on the front side, as with GRL100 which seems to be a transitional model.
I still couldn't resist to acquire one of this "Ghetaldus Munchen" Regulas just for sake of comparing it to the closest Zagreb Regula L. What I figured out is that front body metal plate design is significantly different (higher profile).

Front body metal plate design: left "Ghetaldus Munchen", middle GRL100 and right GRL200.
In my opinion evolution of the body design in case of shown cameras above would go from GRL100 to "Ghetaldus Munchen" and then to GRL200. Interestingly, I also saw listed "Ghetaldus Munchen" cameras that share body design with GRL100 (higher profile) and have Pronto or Prontor-SVS shutter.
"Ghetaldus Munchen" has red 10 and 3 meters engraving on the distance scale while GRL 100 and GRL 200 have all white and additional 20 m engraving. General distance style is different among all three in decimal number size. Munchen Regula uses decimal point while GRL100 and 200 use decimal comma.

Distance engraving styles: left "Ghetaldus Munchen", middle GRL100 and right GRL200.
However, since Ghetaldus isn't mentioned on the "Ghetaldus Munchen" cameras itself, I don't track these cameras as a version of Yugoslav origin King cameras.

Bright Frame Finder

Regula L has a variant of the reverse Galilean viewfinder called bright frame finder. Framing assist lines, shaped by the metal mask, are projected to the viewfinder with a help of an ordinary and a semi transparent mirror.

Regula L (GRL100) viewfinder construction.


Older style of Regula L body - less leatherette, more metal. Bold font on the film memo dial with straight top on the number "3". Bright colored exposure counter set knob. Probably constructed mainly from metal parts. Pronto shutter. 

GRL100 on the left and GRL200 on the right.



Regula L GRL200 variant
Pronto shutter, metal aperture knob. Dark colored exposure counter set knob. Sightly different design of the film chamber than GRL 100 and simplified viewfinder assembly. Viewfinder assembly is not screwed to the body but kept in place by plastic pin and the spring pressure when the top cover is mounted on the camera. Note on the image below that with Regulette viewfinder assembly is screwed in place again which suggests that GRL200 simplification wasn't proven successful.

Viewfinder assembly. Left GRL100, middle GRL200 and on the right Ghetaldus Regulette.


Prontor-SVS shutter with shutter speeds from 1 s to 1/500 s, plastic aperture knob. Sample needed.


Regula L Serial Numbers

In the table below there are all serial numbers known to me. In case there is a "*" symbol besides the Variant, the variant is an educated guess due to a lack of data.

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