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Ghetaldus Zagreb King Regula IIb

For introduction to Ghetaldus Zagreb cameras, see Ghetaldus Zagreb King Cameras page.

The KING Regula IIb actually doesn’t exist in other variant than with Ghetaldus Ghenar lens. The body design clearly resembles Regula III series, thus the naming is a bit strange. On the other hand the shutter and lens assembly seem to come from the King Regula II series, could be even from Regula IIa, which would explain the logic behind the naming.
Regula IIb is the simplest among Ghetaldus cameras, but still offers a flash synchronization, a self-timer, a double exposure prevention and a shutter cocking with a film advance lever. The film counter is of a deducting type.

Regula IIb, variant GRIIb250.
  • Simple viewfinder camera
  • Ghetaldus Zagreb Ghenar F/3.5 45 mm lens
    • 3 elements in 3 groups
    • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Pronto shutter
    • 1/200, 1/100, 1/50, 1/25 + B
    • Self timer
    • Flash synchronization
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 490 g
    • 130 ×70 × 85 mm

The same form of the Ghenar lens is found on the Regula IIIa and it seems that the serial number sequence is shared among these two models indicating IIb and IIIa were manufactured side by side. There is no other serial number on the cameras than the one on the lens.


 “Ghetaldus-Zagreb GHENAR 1:3,5 f=4,5cm AR“ engraving on the lens name plate, conical shape of the lens focusing part. A diamond shaped indicator of selected distance and shutter speed, a “20” m distance engraved on the lens. Sample needed. Engraved exposure counter. Body serial number.


Same as GRIIb050, but printed exposure counter and without body serial number. Sample needed.


“Ghetaldus-Zagreb GHENAR 1:3,5/45“ engraving on the lens name plate. The focusing part is barrel shaped, still with the “20” m distance engraving. Two triangles indicating selected shutter speed and distance respectively. A red dot on the shutter speed rim located on a flattened surface (previous version has recession between two teeth painted red). Sample needed.


Same as the GRIIb200, but without the “20” m engraving.


Even width of the bright stripes on the film rewind knob. Strange front plate finish - looks polished while all other cameras has finely textured finish.


Same as the GRIIb250, but “II” engraving on the camera name plate with Roman number characters further apart.


Same as the GRIIb300 but even width of the bright stripes on the film rewind knob.

Potential additional variants

Additional oddity is the 05625 Regula IIb that has film speed memo on the rewind knob. The film speed memo seems to be the only functional difference among IIb and IIIa, thus I strongly doubt the rewind knob is original on the mentioned camera. Or could it be an assembly mistake?
There seem to be slight changes in arrow on the exposure counter knob, distance scale and DOF engraving style. Some cameras have thicker engraving. Not enough cameras were examined to confirm this isn't a production variation. Production variation is also a knurled focusing rim on the lens that varies in ridge depth and density.

Regula IIb Ghetaldus Serial Numbers

In the table below there are all serial numbers known to me. In case there is a "*" symbol besides the Variant, the Variant was assigned based on an educated guess due to a lack of data.

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