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Ghetaldus Zagreb King Regulette

For introduction to Ghetaldus Zagreb cameras, see Ghetaldus Zagreb King Cameras page.

Ghetaldus Regulette is by specification practically identical to Ghetaldus Regula L GRL100. Main  body parts look very similar and may in some cases be the same, but cosmetic details and weight difference indicates the Regulette uses less metal and was probably targeted to be manufactured for even lover final price. On the bottom there is no leatherette patches and the film speed reminder is omitted. However, Regulette has a film rewind crank which simplifies and speeds up the film changing process.
The Pronto shutter is mounted in a simple and visually non appealing lens barrel with a cheap look and feel aperture adjustment lever. The same Ghetaldus Ghenar 1:2.8/45 lens elements seems to be used as for the Regula L.

From the front the Regulette looks practically the same as Regula L.
  • Viewfinder camera
    • Bright fixed frame in the viewfinder
  • Ghetaldus Zagreb Ghenar lens F/2.8 45 mm
    • 3 elements 3 group
    • Minimum aperture: F/16
  • Pronto shutter
    • 1/250 to 1/30 s + B
    • Self timer
    • Flash synchronization
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 360 g
    • 125 × 65 × 85 mm 

The Ghetaldus Regulette cameras are hard to find and all three that I discovered so far are different in details. The Ghenar serial numbers suggest that Ghetaldus Regulette production followed Regula L production, which seems logic. Additionally this was the last produced camera by Ghetaldus which fits with Regulette's hard to find status.
All Regulettes I found came with an ever ready case marked "Regula L". 


Silver shutter cocking lever. This specimen was gifted to the Ghetaldus employee as a 10 year work anniversary at Ghetaldus. Such gifts were common in the former Yugoslavia. The engraving says: "To <name> <surname> for 10 years at Ghetaldus".

The Regulette has simple lens barrel with a cheap looking aperture setting knob


Black shutter cocking lever that fits the design better than the silver one. Note that this difference exists also among West Germany made (non Ghetaldus) Regulettes. Showed specimen again with 10 years work anniversary engraving.

Regulette GRLT200 and GRLT100, both anniversary gifts. The only difference is the film advance knob finish.


Silver shutter cocking lever again, no setting knob for the exposure counter - seems to be auto reset. Sample needed.

The GRLT300 specimen doesn't have the red manual exposure setting knob as the pictured GRLT200 on this photo.

Regulette Serial Numbers

In the table below there are all serial numbers known to me. In case there is a "*" symbol besides the Variant, the variant is an educated guess due to a lack of data.

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